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    I'm planning to quit the Unterganger Community and shutdown almost everything I have linked to it. (This does not affect my channel and all HRP things.) I will list some reasons: 1. Bashing and insults about me on other server/servers by Untergangers and this has been going on for some time. After nearly 10 years of hard work I deserve better. 2. Interference in my private life by some in the Unterganger Community. 3. Threats and attempts to leak my private details like address and phone number. First incident: Tailz and associates. They were all banned and reported to Discord. Second incident: A member on another Unterganger's server made a threat regarding my private details. It took a member there to inform me, but that member was kicked for doing that. Such illegality with my private details is totally unacceptable and since I lack legal options. I have decided to backlist all those linked with such server or servers. Banning such people is my only option. I formally request not to be nominated for anything in the Unterganger Awards. I wish to play no part in a community which has such a totally disregard for my privacy and talks badly behind my back. After 9 years of being part of the community, it is very disappointing that it has ended up like this. Disunited, full of people who care more about causing issues and drama. With too many who have a chip on their shoulder about me, I did nothing but help this community and my only reward an attack on my privacy and insults. I know not all of you are bad and the majority are good, but the negativity outweighs the positives and it's best for me to end this. I will take actions over the next few days to put an end to my association with the Unterganger Community.

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