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Top 10 Hitler Rants Parodies


I’m planning to upload a video for the “Top 10 Hitler Rants Parodies” out of all 1100 plus parodies I have made. I want to form a top 10 chosen by the viewers.



Nominate up to 10 of my parodies, which are your favourite.


If a “Hitler’s Pencil of Doom” parody is nominated, the whole series will be nominated.



All the nominated parodies will be added to a vote, which anyone can vote in.


The 10 parodies with the highest vote will be in the “Top 10 Hitler Rants Parodies” video.


Parodies Nominated

Everyone watches Hitler eat

For 10 hours parodies

Hitler and Speer's door knocking

Hitler and the sleeping pill incident

Hitler can't find Wally/Waldo
Hitler's firmware update disaster
Hitler gets blown up by Grawitz
Hitler gets everyone to try and kill Fegelein

Hitler gets trolled series
Hitler's glued to his chair
Hitler has Justin Bieber shot and killed
Hitler kills Hitler
Hitler informs Gunsche
Hitler interviews

Hitler is asked "Why did the chicken cross the road"

Hitler is informed about nothing and says nothing
Hitler is informed he's installed on Windows Nein
Hitler is informed that his iPhone 6 is bent

Hitler launches Fegelein into space

Hitler looks at random pictures series
Hitler's Pencil Of Doom

Hitler phones George W. Bush

Hitler phones Hitler
Hitler plays FNAF 1,2 & 3

Hitler provides IT Support
Hitler takes a roll call

Hitler throws his shoes at President Bush
Hitler tries to remove his glasses

Hitler trolls everyone in the bunker
Hitler Random Parodies
Hitler reviews: Gunsche
Hitler Vs...

Hitler wants Himmler to give him a full body massage
Jodl tries to object for 10 hours
Pencil of Doom Commercial

ReichStation series
The Hitler Bunker Visitor
The Jodl Rebellion
War of the Hitlers

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Very innovative HRP, quite nice to see you interacting with your audience to make a video :) Anyways, I'll scroll through all your parodies to see which ones that are worthy of this title :P

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Hitler kills JB

The Pencil of Doom Commercial (and yes that's different from the series count it seperate please)

War of the Hitlers

Hitler Random Parodies

Windows 9 Parody


And there's more just that I can't think of it.

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Hitler Kills Hitler

Hitler's Pencil Of Doom Series

Hitler Interviews

Hitler Vs

The Jodl Rebellion

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|Top 10

|Hitler Rants Parodies




1. "Hitler and the sleeping pills incident"


2. "Hitler's glued to his chair"


3. "Hitler interviews Hitler Rants Parodies"


4. "Hitler interviews Fegelein"


5. "The Hitler Bunker Visitor"


6. "The Hitler Bunker Visitor II"


7. "Hitler gets everyone to kill Fegelein"


8. "Hitler reviews: Gunsche"


9. "Hitler informs Gunsche"


10. "Hitler is informed that his iPhone 6 is bent."

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"Hitler provides IT Support" "Reichstation" 1 and 2... and this is what comes to mind ATM.

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Hitler phones Hitler: The Last Ten Days
Hitler phones War and Remembrance Hitler
Hitler's Election Downfalll
The Assassination of Hitler

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6) Hitler's World Cup Series

7) Hitler Gets Chased By The Police

8) The Brotherhood Of Fegelein

9) Hitler Plays The Scary Maze Game

10) Hitler Appears On Wipeout

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  • 5 months later...

Very well. I shall play rebel game and nominate all of HRP's parodies.

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  • 2 years later...

I plan to do this for the 10th anniversary of my first upload.

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