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Death threats and hitman lover, Jackie (Adon09) on the Unterganger Chat Central

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Untergangers have had an association with Jackie (Adon09) a known HRP hater, he once setup an anti-HRP Discord which had comments about wanting me to kill me and hoping I die from cancer. They are also racist and have extreme views.

Jackie (Adon09) who is a member of the Unterganger Chat Central Discord Server and has even taken part in Untercast podcast events.

He is a friend of Nyan, an Unterganger who has spoken very hateful about me.

Delphox takes in all my banned members, including the ones who aren't Untergangers and he should know they wished cancer to my family, he should also know they tried to hire hitmen to kill my girlfriend and maybe myself, what if the doxing leaked to their hands?

adon09 (Jackie) on the Unterganger Chat Central created by Delphox

adon09 (Jackie) on UCC.jpg

adon09 (Jackie) Death Threats and Hitman discussion. He is a member of the Unterganger Chat Central Discord Server

adon09 (Jackie) Death Threats Hitman.jpg

Death threats towards HRP on server created by adon09 (Jackie) and from people linked to Untergangers and friends of Nyan

Death threat.PNG

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