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  1. Hitler plans to blow up the bunker https://t.co/gytDK5qQaB via @YouTube

  2. Fegelein gets everyone to shoot Hitler https://t.co/7YVp2IKijY via @YouTube

  3. Hitler finds out Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal https://t.co/gXUOHfwYU2 via @YouTube

  4. Hitler is informed Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 won't have a single-player ... https://t.co/L7LE9C2bJo via @YouTubeGaming

  5. Things will be busy for me during the World Cup with parodies, that's if the world is not blown up before then by T… https://t.co/QQCvQATMXd

  6. @JoshMatthews89 @PresDolf45 @HitlerHRP @ReichNews Why I left that community it was too negative and only led to peo… https://t.co/y6initAgR8

  7. The Death of Fegelein https://t.co/3aqrBbSGGw via @YouTube

  8. Hitler interviews Mark Zuckerberg https://t.co/dhHc8fe2fn via @YouTube

  9. Hitler is informed Stephen Hawking has died https://t.co/OVXkGmXeTR via @YouTube

  10. Hitler reacts to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Teaser https://t.co/Lil5D6UWmC via @YouTubeGaming

  11. Hitler reacts to Metal Gear Survive https://t.co/hIBxIQlQP1 via @YouTubeGaming

  12. Hitler tries to go to space again https://t.co/WbUhaeeTjc via @YouTube

  13. Hitler tries to shout "Fegelein" for 10 hours https://t.co/eK6CF42DkX via @YouTube

  14. Hitler is informed HRP's Discord server has 1945 members https://t.co/6FPHRygXbJ via @YouTube

  15. Happy Valentine's Day!!! HRP Discord: https://t.co/fMT645Moxe https://t.co/QhBqVGgEFr

  16. Hitler finds out he's now French https://t.co/MF90SeLv35 via @YouTube

  17. Now Hitler wants his own wall xD HRP Discord: https://t.co/fMT645Moxe https://t.co/ypq8E5Vnnh

  18. Hitler jinxed Bitcoin by investing in it xD HRP Chat: https://t.co/fMT645uN8E https://t.co/p6qPtJAldG

  19. Hitler got Trumped xD HRP Chat: https://t.co/fMT645Moxe https://t.co/J31yVih7KG

  20. Günsche tries to inform for 10 hours https://t.co/ddCeuKhPDs via @YouTube

  21. Hitler gets insulted by Mohnke https://t.co/TnxqBhflJN via @YouTube

  22. Seems like only yesterday Trump won xD HRP Chat: https://t.co/fMT645Moxe https://t.co/2TOz2NgwET

  23. Hitler finds out about the 'Tide Pod Challenge' https://t.co/ZwHbyRLGB5 via @YouTube

  24. Kitler Vs Banana Peel https://t.co/IwkIMDODH0 via @YouTube

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