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  1. Seems like only yesterday Trump won xD HRP Chat: https://t.co/fMT645Moxe https://t.co/2TOz2NgwET

  2. Hitler finds out about the 'Tide Pod Challenge' https://t.co/ZwHbyRLGB5 via @YouTube

  3. Last to Post Wins!

  4. Kitler Vs Banana Peel

  5. Kitler Vs Banana Peel

  6. Kitler Vs Banana Peel https://t.co/IwkIMDODH0 via @YouTube

  7. Quitting the Unterganger Community

    To answer some questions: 1. I will keep making parodies. 2. Contests will be all moved to my server. 3. This forum will be kept open for as long for the time being and the wiki is a community run thing, so they can maintain that.

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