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  1. I don't how many of you noticed, but either way, I've been quite inactive for at least a few months now; don't get me wrong, I haven't quit making parodies or anything like that. The reasons for my inactivity have been, apart from possibly just lack of inspiration, reduced spare time, tending to other hobbies, making too many big parodies at once, or focusing on YTPs; Also, very recently, I stumbled across some activity regarding a community and its content I was a part of back in its hay-days from around 2005-2008 (a loooooong time ago), and naturally, due to severe nostalgia and how loyal I was to this community and the fact I was a bit sad with it being, well, down-and-out for so long, that I've been engaging with this old community for a few days, and taking part in some creation of content that I used to make back then, as I'd simply love to see it thrive again. (I was pretty much the same part of said community that I am on YT and with this community, so you can see why I would be so nostalgic about it) Just to let you know, I haven't dropped outta here, and I hope to juggle between Downfall Parodies, YTPs, the old community I was part of and all my other spare-time/work stuff, will be making parodies still.
  2. I f**k QuestionTuesdayFTW literally to death.
  3. ah, this exact system was used on the first forum I joined in March 2005, only strike #1 didn't give a suspension and strike #2 the suspension was a month as opposed to a fortnight.
  4. What about the Untergangers who used to have a sub-forum for submitting/advertising their parodies on the old forum? I wouldn't mind still retaining mine, thanks.
  5. Hitler decides to do something he's been abstaining from for decades to make his birthday more eventful: Get drunk.

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