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  1. Take care Joster, I hope to see you back again soon
  2. *Hacking the forum, banning everybody so nobody can post again* THERE, I WIN!
  3. GOD says I win. You can't argue with God.
  4. What is this section for? Untergangers get their own sections?
  5. This suggestion is good, but it has its downsides too. Like OneTime pointed out, the judges would have to sit and watch a huge amount of parodies every month. I would like to suggest keeping the current system, and perhaps adding a "committee", a few people who would like to take on the job to nominate parodies each month. As a way of getting extra nominations, while still keeping the current system. Perhaps nominating one parody in each category (when it's possible). If anyone is interested in this, then let me know
  6. Well, the self-nomination bit has already been decided in a previous thread. So I will test it out this month to see what happens. The question is whether or not there should be qualification rules for the actual parodies. However, Soalric posted a very interesting point on the other forum, he said; "The way we prevent poorly made parodies from winning is by judging! I don't think putting qualifications on entries would be a good idea, as it might discourage people from nominating. Like I said, if it's a big issue, we just won't choose the video to win." And that is an excellent point... And a
  7. Hi! Since the idea of self-nominations was accepted by most, I will try that out for one month to see what happens. I do think we will need some kind of rules though, regarding qualifications. This would prevent a tsunami of poorly made parodies from winning in the UA. If you agree, then please help out by suggesting what kind of rules you would like to see. Perhaps rules regarding quality, correct use of language, etc. (These are just examples). I don't think the rules should be too narrow, since that would make it too hard to win. But some sort of restriction would be good, to - like I
  8. Thank you! How do you feel about the suggestions and ideas? Any thoughts?
  9. Just had a thought; how about that if you wanna nominate your own parody, you must also nominate at least one other by somebody else? (Not necessarily in the same category). Let's say you wanna nominate your series, then maybe you can nominate someone else's parody for "Most innovative" for example. This would mean that people would still have some "pressure" on them to nominate others work as well
  10. WARNING: Long (but important) post! Hey everyone! As you may know, I am the new maintainer of the UA (Unterganger Awards). This is something I have wanted for a very long time, and I'm happy to have the opportunity, thank you for giving me this trust! I think it's sad that the contest has been "dying" lately, and it's also rather sad that the parody making is not what it once was. I would like to use this opportunity to suggest a few changes in the contest, but before I do, I want to point out that this is a democratic contest, so it's up to you to bring ideas/suggestions and to object to a
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