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Found 1,409 results

  1. An army of spooky skeletons attacks the bunker, and Hitler and the gang must defend themselves. Spook Warning.
  2. Hitler is most upset when he gets initial trial results for Project STEINER (Satellite Tracking and Enemy Interception Network with Eavesdropping Radio). He is told that STEINER has been hacked and they are now denied access to it.
  3. CHERIE FN: compilation for french election (ADOLF HITLER) CHERIE FN (feat ADOLF HITLER)
  4. (*well, it's not really an adventure) This is my longest parody yet. It beats my older parody by roughly two minutes. I started this project back in November of 2015, used a lot (and I mean a lot) of sources, and had to convert the video to a lower quality so I could get it on my channel. Nevertheless, it was all worth it, and I think this is my best parody yet. I do not own anything in this video AT ALL, all content belongs to their respective owners. Happy (early/on time/late) April Fool's Day! -Gilblitz112
  5. My longest Downfall parody yet! It seems that Fegelein has secretly installed net nanny on Hitler's computer due to Hitler's very strong pornography problem. Hitler isn't very pleased about this and so he goes apes**t for more than a week.
  6. Göring attempts to perform an amazing stunt.
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