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Found 1,640 results

  1. An army of spooky skeletons attacks the bunker, and Hitler and the gang must defend themselves. Spook Warning.
  2. I use Downfall Parodies Ultimate Pack Here
  3. This is kind of based on "The Final Conflict" by HRP as well as (mostly) other parodies made by him. This was also inspired by other parodies with changed subtitles like the ones of Stalin and other non-English-speaking people such as El Risitas (the Spanish man with the funny laugh). I've been thinking about those parodies in my mind where the Downfall Hitler allies with the villains from Sailor Moon (including the Dark Kingdom) due to the Soviets surrounding Berlin, and Sailor Moon allies with all of Hitler's enemies, including Fegelein (for his usual antics), as well as the Soviet Union. Those thoughts came into my mind since I watched all of the live-action Sailor Moon episodes (including the specials).
  4. From the album: F-A Alexander's Stuff

    Brother-Captain Adolf Hitler and his fellow Battle Brothers of the "Imperial Bunkers" chapter, fighting off the enemies of the Imperium of Man.
  5. fa3455801

    Downfall League

    From the album: F-A Alexander's Stuff

    Shout-outs to The Unknown Hitler and Soalric for inspiring me to make this...
  6. From the album: Antics and Rants

    Old Fritz is gay. s**tler hates homos and considers them "subhuman", and he is, ironically, a fan of old fritz. This is the result.

    © all

  7. From the album: Antics and Rants

    Just admit it, it's a threesome.

    © all

  8. Hitler gets a vote in confidence but the result is not a very good one.
  9. Yep it's true, I got a radio station on Anchor FM. Check out my episodes on MegaMr46 Radio. https://anchor.fm/s/d9f9f4 Get this app from App Store or Google Play https://anchor.fm/
  10. Der Untergang/Downfall - HD Version View File Submitter Gilblitz112 Submitted 04/07/2017 Category Der Untergang (Extended Edition)  
  11. And Yes Fegelein gets prepared for Vacation.
  12. but Although Hitler doesn't give a damn about the show.
  13. Aku just want to have a little fun with Hitler.
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