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  1. Hitler's NASCAR Run...is not going well. Mainly, is because of his behavior.
  2. Hitler tries out Jodl's gaming system, will it be better than the FegelStation? Well...let's find out.
  3. Go to the Youtube video and answer the comments but read the rules on the YT Page of the Description.
  4. The Conclusion of Hitler's Hurricane Situation Situation.
  5. In this part, the Hurricane is officially named and it's now a category 5. Even if Hitler can get an update on Himmler, he just hired Fegelein to be the Commander of the Extinguisher Squad. But it's more dangerous than expected for the Führer.
  6. The Hurricane is coming to Berlin and unfortunately for them, the Category went up by 1.
  7. Hitler gets a vote in confidence but the result is not a very good one.
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