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  1. I'm working on a fanfic that will feature elements from the Downfall parodies. It is a parody of an RP a really eccentric neo-Nazi did with his friend. For more information on this guy (including the RP), see this 8chan thread. It will be set in a world where the Powerpuff Girls helped the Nazis win WWII and will revolve around a young man who finds out that he is Fegelein's son and is destined to become an Antic Master like his father and bring down the Reich with help from Mojo Jojo, who is the leader of the resistance. In the fanfic, the Reich is currently lead by Hitler's adoptive son, an
  2. I was reading Wikipedia's list of unusual articles (which I strongly recommend you check out) and I found out about a movie called Surf Nazis Must Die. It's described as "for anybody who thought that the Space Nazis trope was insensitive." You can watch the movie here. I think it would be cool if somebody made a crossover parody with it, similar to how HRP's The Final Conflict was a crossover with Iron Sky.
  3. The actor who played Hitler in Wolfenstein II is the same actor who played him in Inglourious Basterds.
  4. We see the logos for the factions in the HRP world, such as Hitler's United Reich, the Western Alliance, the Soviet Union, etc., but do they have flags?
  5. Is everything basically the same after the War of the Hitlers except the Soviets control only Russia?
  6. In the last episode of War of the Hitlers, you showed a map of eastern Europe in the parody universe, on Facebook, you showed the picture again, showing what the situation with Crimea would look like in the parody universe. I would like to see a map of the whole world in the HRP universe, showing which faction controls what.
  7. I've made a lot of Downfall parodies over the years, most of which have been lost to time, so I've decided to join this forum.
  8. Because HRP is making a series where Hitler fights the Space Nazis from Iron Sky, I was wondering if somebody would be interested in making a video/series where Hitler fights the Nazi Zombies from Dead Snow.
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