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  1. Hello everyone! I'm CloroxEnergyDrink and I just hopped on the Downfall parody train. I occasionally post Downfall parodies since the beginning of October. Well because I'm new to the community, do expect my parodies to be completely crap (for now...) Here's my Downfall parody playlist:
  2. Hitler rants about him and his generals' voices only producing the C note.
  3. ik doe mijn auto an de kant en fiets now deur het land

  4. Dolfy's second attempt in cryptocurrency trading.
  5. A remix of Kitsune^2's "Rock My Emotions". Wasted me 8 hours to complete this.
  6. May I please have the Unterganger rank? I have it on the Discord server. Thanks in advance.
  7. A remix of Kitsune^2's Rock My Emotions
  8. My first DPMV, took me 5 hours to complete this.

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