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  1. For the Jodl Ghost, I was thinking that there would be another episode where the Jodl Ghost goes to yet another Universe to kill or at least control the Hitler and the other Nazis as usual, but instead of the Jodl Ghost taking over instantly, what could happen is that let’s say in this Universe, the Hitler knows about the potential of there being other Universes of Hitler. So what happens is the Jodl Ghost starts to kill off some of the people in the bunker, and then the Hitler realizes that the Jodl Ghost came from another Universe and wants to kill him and his people, so this Hitler decided to try and send an encrypted message to the other Universes right before his death to warn the other Hitlers that there’s an Evil that threatens all other Hitlers still left, and it’s going Universe by Universe killing off Hitlers and their people. Eventually, the regular Hitler receives a call from Koller who says that they detect an unknown encrypted message that came from somewhere far and that they’re working on retrieving the information. Hitler becomes very worried that there’s an enemy out there that is persistent in ending all Hitlers in the Multiverse and starts to be a little driven insane, but also wonders if Fegelein is to blame or believes that it’s just another antic. That’s all I can think of about it but I thought this would be an excellent suggestion for the Jodl Ghost since there’s not much about the Jodl Ghost.
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