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    Medicine, The Führer, worthlessness, explosives (grenades).

    (As Mathieu : Wrestling (I'm commentator and announcer in a French Wrestling school in France, the ABCA), video games, movies, parties with friends...

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  1. I'm back...after more than 3 years. Happy to see you back. I also joined the HRP Community on DISCORD.
  2. And finally, I've found "Homeless Skeletor"! This photo is extracted from a Hungarian drama movie, "The Notebook".
  3. And here, we have some "Corporate Fatty"! However, I don't know the origin of this picture, probably a German movie.
  4. And here, there's Sorcerer Jodl! Christian Redl, as an evil Sorcerer ("The Master") in a German fantasy movie, "Krabat".
  5. As for me, I'm not worried about that, but of course, people who visit this site would have to take notice of the concept of parody.
  6. Thanks a lot, HRP! Considering how long I've watched your parodies, it's a great honor for me to be here and to meet Untergangers! I love this place, it's really Well, I'm going back to my explosives researches!
  7. Even though I discovered and watched the movie two or three years ago, I only ordered the DVD last week.

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