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    Sky Does Minecraft, Minecraft, WarThunder, Windows Movie Maker, , Sony Vegas, VideoPad, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Science, Battleships, Iron Sky, Star Trek,Naval Movies, Britain, Star Wars, Hero Factory, Band of the Brothers, Transformers Trilogy, Action MovieFX, Roblox, Making HeroFactory MOCs, UN

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    As you know it. You know how I behave in this Site. That is because of my Rule-Breaking Style. I try to act friendly but I realize it will only make my reputation worse. Some people don't understand me because I'm not from the U.S. Like when I said *Happy Father's Day* while America is still Sleeping. I'm from the Philippines and if it's day in America, then it's night on the Philippines. And Phillippines is part of Asia. North America and Asia have different time zones. But I think its best for me to leave, People have their own ways. I'm gonna throw the Unterganger Title and get back on my Mod Reviewing on Minecraft. And focus on my fourth year on high school. I will make sure that my life will not be Shattered Again. This is Earl747 "The Rebel" signing out on my Last Post. Yeeehaaaaw and Goodbye. I hope there are no Hard Feelings.
  2. Ended up in Fourth Place.
  3. "No Matter How will it take us to overcome this Premeditated Invasion. The American People and their Righteous Might will win though Absolute Victory" -President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  4. Good Fave Quotes! Check out mine!
  5. I wish that Goering is a Cannibal that eats Antic-Masters.
  6. Put all your Hitler Related Jokes here! Q: Why did the Fuhrer cross the road? A: He wanted to get the genoicide! Q: Why did Dolfy commit suicide? A: He saw his gas bill!
  7. Hitler's Moustache will Cover his Entire body FOREVER!
  8. The Bullet Shot his Shoulder but he orders many G-wing Starfighter to attack The Reich Starship and you....... Uh what will you do?
  9. Goering ate Fegelein.......
  10. Retreat HELL! Retreat HELL!

  11. I got Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant in The US Army

  12. Just make a decission. You can like throw something at him or something
  13. The Godmodder has done it again! The Godmodderimperial Destroyed planet F with the Death Modder! Emperor Godmosidiuos has sent Darth Godmodder to kill Fegelein and Darth Godmoddef is in front of you! What are you going to do?
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