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  1. Leopold Slikk the Angry German Kid has to type an essay about what he did during the summer of 2011 on Microsoft Word. Hitler wouldn't understand half of that sentence, though. School pupils write essays on paper with pens, for crying out loud!
  2. After learning that Hitler is finally dead, Fegelein decides to commit one last antic on his body. Little does Hitler know that he's going to an entirely new time period with its own heroes and villains. While the parody is based on the Timur Vermes novel "Er Ist Wieder Da" (Look Who's Back), the plot and characters will deviate from those of the novel.
  3. Now knowing a bit more about how space works, Hitler goes on to accomplishing greater plans, such as getting rid of Fegelein. Or getting lost in space.
  4. The first in a series! Hopefully. Adolf Hitler begins a career mode session on the game Kerbal Space Program, but while he plays his plans are objected to for one time too much.
  5. I swear, they all are literally "I bet Fegelein owns the World Cup. FEGELEIN!! FEGELEIN!! FEGELEIN!!"

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