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  1. RT @AkaiRiot: Be my Valentine? <3 https://t.co/P4FuaqsT8b

  2. As the battle rage's Skelotor share's his thoughts on Call Of Duty and Hitler is worried that Liam Nelson will find him............. and will kill him. Music for this part used. Requiem For A Dream - Theam Payday 2 - Evil Eye Liam Neslon kicking ass scene: Other Liam Nelson scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjK18P6J-kk
  3. Can I be an unterganger please? I have made over 5 parodies
  4. In order to have some luck on his side while he assaults Activion in the hopes of ending Call Of Duty, Hitler decides to hire famous actor Liam Nelson to help them out. Only, will he really help out a child like Hitler? Link to the Liam Nelson scene: Music. Requiem For A Dream - Main Title Payday 2 - Calling All Units.
  5. Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is now out in Germany but Hitler has to be a crybaby and want's it gone for good. But not all the bunker agrees with him and one finds him more annoying than the fans. As always, this is not ment to be taken seriously and is made as a joke. Well, actually that "made as a joke part" is only half true. When eva say's in the Hittler Explains Scene about the haters being more annoying than the fans, she actually has a point. *warning. most of this description talks about my opinion* I am honestly getting sick of people saying CoD is s**t when they have not even played the game or have not played any newer games in the series. But what's worst is how when people say CoD is bad they don't even explain why and only say "It's Call Of Duty". One person even said Call Of Duty was not a game but instead a collection of set pieces that only exist to make you feel like a hero. A selection of set pieces? So kind of like a on rail shooter! Or Half Life, Or Far Cry, Or Left 4 Dead or ANY SHOOTER GAME OUT THERE! Honestly, the hate towards Call Of Duty has gotten to a point where the haters are more annoying than the fans because they NEVER STOP COMPLAINING! You are all entitled to you're own opinion but when you act im mature and like you're one is more superior than other's that's when I get annoyed. Vine Video Hitler was watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4_kEBSljD4 End Music was Requiam For A Dream:
  6. After Five Night's At Freddy's 2 was released early Hitler deside's to get it. Only thing is most of his game time is on the title screen. Song in the Computer Burning Scene Criminal Intent - Payday: The Heist
  7. THIS IS IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS! This video is not meant to be a way to hurt nhlfan40 in anyway (or Pewdiepie for that fact). I can actually understand why he would want to stop making Downfall Parodies. This is just meant as a joke. And besides, most people who make Downfall parodies will often make a joke or reference other's in there video. This was just made for a bit of fun. (nhlfan40's video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NezREy1Vx9Q)
  8. I wish I had gotten into making Downfall parodies earlier. Why? Because it would of been a perfect time to upload this video. I still wanted to make it anyway so here you go. Song name before the Fegelein executed scene is called Darude Sandstorm........ No actually it's called Drifting by Pat Briscoe. And trust me I am really getting sick of that dam Darude Sandstorm joke. PAYDAY 2 fan's would likely recognize this song from The Dentist Trailer. (That video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYerXlV71Os) (The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rGqbNC01SM)
  9. When Hittler finds out that a squeal to Five Nights At Freddy's is coming out next year he plans to play it with the rest of the bunker. But do they want to go thought playing another Freddy game again?

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