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    London(because I went to London after I was shot down)
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    Shooting down French and British Planes, Unterganging, My Fokker Plane, Dogfighting, My British Friend.

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  1. Time to start the Role... Play. It is a sunny day in France. While The Great War is still going. Two fighters are on a Dogfight. Um, show a picture of your WW1 Warplane now.
  2. Our Job is to shoot down Airplanes, Not Men

  3. Q:How to you get a Jew inside a Telephone Box? A:Insert A Coin Q:How do you get them out? A:Tell them it's a Gas Chamber
  4. Since I've been an Ace for years. I guess that you guys can be too! I made this RP In order to you guys to know Dogfighting. Mechanics: Post a picture of a World War 1 Warplane in this Thread I will Decide the Winner I.E: Spad VII Wins against Airco E2 Using Aces will make you win for sure I.E: Using James Mcudden will make you have better Chances of winning You can use World War 1 Battleships as support I.E: H.M.S Queen Mary can fire two Armor Piercing Shells, Anti-Aircrafts, and Torpedoes Make sure your WW1 Warplane is not a Recon plane. Oh, and watch out for Anti Aircraft which I will Fire. Bomber planes will make your Chances of Winning high Rules: No Cheating No using Modern Warplanes I.E: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor No Arguing with the Gamemaster(A.K.A me!) Remember: No Recon planes can shoot. Only Scout Planes can. Using my Fokker will make you win. Remember to shoot down Zeppelins, they cause to much harm
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