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  1. I like these rules. I should hang around here more often.
  2. But I don't want to kill a guy in a Rainbow Dash profile pic. It's so cute! ^w^
  3. One time I was playing TF2 on bad water. I was a pyro The enemy had a level 3 sentry. My team are unable of destroying the sentry, becuse the engineer keeps on repairing. I charge and airblast the sentry rockets. They hit the engineer. My team destroys the sentry. We win.
  4. One time I when was playing C&C generals as the demolition general. I attempted to set of a demo trap as a defense. An enemy infantry group come charging at my base. The worker lays the trap as soon as the infantry sqade is near him. They set it of, sending the worker and the enemy infantry into the air.
  5. Please describe funny moments you find in video games.
  6. I am Jawado. I haven't made any parodies, but I have been watching them for two years now.
  7. I also saw a few episodes of The last airbender and legend of Korra
  8. Detective Conan,Death Note,and One Piece. I only managed to finish the second. I also started reading the Code geass comics.
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