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  1. In: A Very Angry Hitler Frog

    By The Jack and Radley Show, 11/26/2017

    That was pretty funny I liked it

  2. In: Pandler gets stuck in ditch while trying to escape

    By Dr. Ernst Grawitz, 11/14/2017

    I watched it 2 or 3 days ago. "Pandler"...lol! 

  3. In: Hitler's Hurricane Situation

    By MegaMr46, 09/11/2017

    By the Way, Hitler Trolls, if you see this the categories isn't working the only one works is yours.

  4. In: Fegelein - World's Only Antivirus Software with Data Recovery

    By mlenn54, 09/03/2017

    If it can destroy a Hitler Virus, I'm in.

  5. In: Hitler is informed that MegaMr46 is on Anchor FM

    By MegaMr46, 07/13/2017

    On my Anchor FM I talk about Geekdom.


    Mondays-Marvel Monday


    Wednesdays-Star Wars: The Wednesday Awakens


    Fridays-Sundays No podcast (unless I'm bored.)

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